10 facts about HIV / AIDS you might not knew

We all know the results of HIV and that without threatment it can lead to AIDS and in the end to death. But what do we really know about HIV? Here are some facts.

Fact 1

HIV is not transmittable by drinking from the same bottle, French kissing or sitting on the same toilet. HIV is only transmittable by blood, sperm, pre-seminal fluids, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and infected breast milk. 

Fact 2

When the body is no longer able to protect itself against viruses and bacteria we call it AIDS instead of HIV. In the West, good medicines are available for everyone, and nobody has to die of AIDS, but in other countries, especially in Africa, this is different. 

Fact 3

At this moment there is no cure against HIV or AIDS, but there are medicines available to slow down the virus. By daily use, it is possible to stay healthy and get old with it.

Fact 4

By daily use of HIV medicine the virus will become so weak that it is not possible to spread it anymore. There was a medical study of 1000 couples. One of the two in the relationship had HIV, and the other did not. The person with HIV already had used medicine for a severe amount of time. The couple had unprotected sex. None of the 1000 partners was infected after having unprotected sex. Non!

Fact 5

Every year almost 1 million people die because of AIDS. Till today the counter is nearly 40 million deaths because of AIDS.

Fact 6

Today almost 40 million people walk the earth with HIV or AIDS in their veins.

Fact 7

2 out of 3 people with HIV or AIDS are living in Africa.

Fact 8

1 out of 4 people don’t know yet they are infected with HIV.

Fact 9

3 out of 4 new HIV infections in Africa happens to girls at the age of 15-19 years.

Fact 10

A pregnant woman with HIV can give birth to a baby without HIV by guiding her during the pregnancy and taking precautions during pregnancy and delivery.


Mobile Testing Clinic Orange Babies

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This child was born without HIV

Thanks to the help of Orange Babies this woman from Zambia was able to get her son born HIV negative while she was positive herself. She thanks God every day for that.


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