“Together we can create paradise on earth”

– Adrian Kuipers –

Adrian Kuipers - Portrait 2021 - Neo-classical Piano Artist - Photographer - Creative Artist In Search For A Better World

ABOUT Adrian Kuipers

Adrian Kuipers (1983, Strijen – The Netherlands)
Father, husband and creative artist in search  for a better world

Adrian is an universal man. After a professional soccer career, setting up a creative agency and working as an international photographer, he decided to use his talents mainly for a better world. For ten years he traveled to projects of a charity organization in Africa and made a multimedia book with photography, film, poetry and music. His work won multiple international prizes and raised more than 180.000 Euros for children in need. In 2020 Adrian started a new project ‘Stream For Food’, helping a Namibian father to generate food from streams. Whether it is music, photography, film, poetry or painting, the leitmotif in Adrian Kuipers’ work is purity. To inspire people, to create a paradise on earth.

At the age of twelve Adrian Kuipers was bullied by two boys after a musical performance. A trauma was born. Although he didn’t perform for people anymore, his passion for music wasn’t gone. The opposite was true, all these years Adrian composed songs for himself to channel his emotions. Without any musical knowledge, but straight from the heart. For twenty five years, the musical pieces were piling up in his drawer. He still has fear to open up this drawer for the world. But he decided, it is time and released his first music on 4-3-21 in 432 Hz.

Adrian’s neo-classical piano songs are inspired by events in his life, like the birth of his son, but also about the things he experienced doing charity work in Africa.

During the Pandemic situation Adrian dove into the rabbit hole of the world and wanted to make a positive change, so he decided to inspire people with his lockdown inspiration videos, but also by composing film scores for the films of independent film maker Marijn Poels.