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Sometimes you just feel it is not right

It is hard to listen to your belly, especially in these rational times. And you want to explain it with your head, what is it, that is not right. You are starting to think, am I that crazy? This all can’t be true right?

And when you dive deeper into the truth of the world, you can hide and be silent. But we are so powerful, we are all so powerful. Let’s all use our talents for the good. Together we can pave the road with bricks of love to paradise.¬†

Take control, be the captain and not the passenger (quote by Chuck McGee).

It is time for headwind, it is time to turn the tide.

Stream For Food now available at Spotify and other streaming platforms!

Yes, it is there! You can now generate money for food by listening to the music Papa Namibia for free. Click on the image to open the playlist on Spotify! It is an 8 hour playlist, so you can stop hunger while you sleep! About Stream For Food: Adrian: “Seeing Papa Namibia and his son … read more

Second Press Is There! And some other inspiration and updates

Hi, I am so happy that the pre-order funding of the second press was successful for the We Are Orange Babies book. Thank you everybody that pre-ordered the second press! The good thing now is that we have books in stock. But I don’t want them in stock ūüôā Haha… There are still billions of … read more