the story behind the music

The story behind Breathing Music, a collaboration between composer Adrian Kuipers and Nikki van der Velden, founder of The Breathwork Movement.

Nikki searched for it for a long time: simple but powerful calming breathing exercises on specially made music. Sounds in healing frequencies that tell you exactly how to breathe. Fast to deep relaxation: out of your head, into your body. She couldn’t find what she was looking for until she met composer Adrian Kuipers. Together they have now created ‘Breathing Music’, for your daily relaxing breathing exercises. May it bring you as much peace, tranquility and relaxation as it does us every day! Love, Nikki & Adrian

Enable English subtitles in the video because this time I speak in Dutch 🙂

When you don’t know yet

This music originated from a collaboration of:

Adrian Kuipers - Portrait 2021 - Neo-classical Piano Artist - Photographer - Creative Artist In Search For A Better World

Adrian Kuipers

Nikki van der Velden
The Breathwork Movement

Some testimonials

“I’m very happy with it! Great for bedtime or just a moment during the day.”

“What wonderful music. Very nice that abstract, a kind of zen minimal music.”

“Really great breath music! Already used during 2 breath training days and super well received by the participants! We want more ❤️”

“I’m listening to it right now! Beautiful! For personal use and to use during my breathing lessons! 🙏”

What exactly do you get?

✔️ Breathing music with healing frequencies (432 and 528 Hz)
✔️ Powerful and essential breathing exercises in two lengths (5 and 10 minutes)
✔️ Immediate results and proven impact on your physical, emotional and mental health
✔️ For 3 Breathing methods:

    • Box Breathing (de-stress, calmness, sharpness, focus)
    • Heart coherence (healthy heart, flexible nervous system, physical and mental balance, inner peace)
    • 4-7-8 Breathing (sleep, deep relaxation, calm down in acute moments of stress)

✔️ NB. Heart coherence comes in 2 versions, we couldn’t choose 🙏😅
✔️ Bonus files with every exercise: ‘breathe only’ audio – relaxed as through the waves of the sea
✔️ Explanation, backgrounds and tips on how and when to breathe best
✔️ Available anytime, anywhere: download the audio to your phone
✔️ Accessible for life, until your last breath 🙂

Anyone can do these breathing exercises, and everyone can benefit from them. Whoever you are and whatever your starting point is, doing the right breathing exercises every day ensures a healthier body and a more conscious life. This music – in healing frequencies – makes it pleasant, super easy and always within reach. Start breathing today 🙂 

At this moment the music can only be bought on the Dutch platform The Breathwork Movement. We are working on an international solution. If you are not able to buy the music, please write me an e-mail and we will find a way! ✌

The Breathwork Movement