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Yes! There where enough pre-orders to do the second press! Thank you!



“Adrian kijkt, ziet, voelt en klikt… en legt daarbij onbeschrijfelijke onvergetelijke ervaringen vast. Als ik naar zijn foto’s kijk, beleef ik het intens opnieuw.”

Caroline Tensen / Ambassadeur Orange Babies

“Adrian is not only a dreamer, but also a doer with the aim of showing us how beautiful the world is. His enthusiasm, positivity and insight are contagious.”

Patricia Steur / Award Winning Photographer

Image credit: Suzanne Muller

The best reason to order the photobook

With your order Orange Babies can help children with food & education every day!

I hope you order my book because you like my work. But the best reason to order the photobook is because we can help children with education and a healthy meal in Africa. A healthy meal every day is essential when it comes to the effectiveness of HIV medicines. Besides the fact that you get a present after your order, I can not think about a better reason to convince you than this. 😘

YOU can help by pre-ordering the book. Thank you!
Ambassador of Orange Babies Herman Den Blijker at work in Africa during our visit at the projects.
By providing a good meal every day, medicine against HIV works best, and these children will have a future again.

Preview of the We Are Orange Babies Photobook

Below you will find a preview of the book through Issuu. To buy the hardcopy of the book click here!



Watch the We Are Orange Babies Trailer

I went to Namibia and Zambia to record the last parts of the multimedia items for the We Are Orange Babies project. In Zambia we visited an Orange Babies project where I recorded the trailer for the project. It is spoken in Dutch language, but subtitled in English.

After viewing the trailer, don’t forget to order 🙂

A preview of a multimedia item in the book

You probably already have seen the portrait I made of Ruth & Isaac.
In the book, every chapter will become poetry and a piece of multimedia. Sometimes it is a small documentary, sometimes a song the children have sung, and sometimes it is a piece of music I composed. I now present you: Ruth & Isaac, the music portrait.

For more multimedia items check this page.


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