1) Buy a mini or limited edition photo 

When you purchase mini or a limited museum edition, so many vulnerable children in Africa can be provided with healthcare, education and healthy meals! A healthy meal every day is essential when it comes to the effectiveness of HIV medicines. After 10 years I see the difference before and after Orange Babies. Children now jump around and go to school with a smile on their face. That makes me so happy!

Don’t forget to view all the available photo prints!¬†

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2) Become a supporter / sponsor of We Are Orange Babies

It is possible to become a supporter of We Are Orange Babies. With a monthly subscription you can make the world a better place! The We Are Orange Babies project is planned till September 2021, after this period the subscription will end automatically. Click the button below for more information.

Become a supporter

3) Place this message on your own social media

Start your chainge by posting the following message on your own social media:

“I just bought the We Are Orange Babies photobook to help children in Africa with a fair start in life. To create a chain reaction and give more children a fair start I like to ask you to check the book. It is worth your time! Go to www.WeAreOrangeBabies.com/book

Together we can make the world a better place. Thank you!

4) Visit one of the We Are Orange Babies shows

Would you like to support the We Are Orange Babies project? Visit one of the several shows and exhibitions which will take place in the Netherlands. Adrian tells the breathtaking stories behind his photos in an one and half hour show. Go to ‘events’ for more information.

No We Are Orange Babies event near your place, but you really like to help organizing one? Please send an email to adrian here


5) Make a difference! 

If you are eager to help the children in Africa, but you want to support them in a different way than buying a photo print; no worries! It is possible to make a difference in many other ways, like cycling tours, Orange Babies events, by buying products, etc..

click here for the English Orange Babies page or here for the Dutch Orange Babies page.

Adrian Kuipers - Silence Inside - Medium Resolution