Digital Desktop Wallpapers to support charity organization Orange Babies

The price of a wallpaper is 9 Euro. 1000 times 9 Euro is 9000 Euro! So spread the word, tell all your friends about it and let’s sell 1000 wallpapers. With this, we can provide healthcare, education and healthy meals for the most vulnerable children in Africa. A healthy meal every day is essential when it comes to the effectiveness of HIV medicines.

About the backgrounds: Every background has the title in it, and a thank you message because you supported charity organization Orange Babies and helped woman and children with HIV in Africa having a healthy future. That is awesome!  ✌

Thank you! Spread the message and share it on your social media!

A warm digital hug,

Adrian Kuipers

Select a photo at the next page, choose the “digital desktop wallpaper edition” -> order. After your purchase you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes, to download your file including instructions on how to set it as a background on your computer.

The wallpaper is optimized for a wide screen monitor, but small monitors will also work perfectly.

PS: If you like to buy a printed photo instead of a digital desktop wallpaper, click here for more information.

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