Help Ruth From Zambia Getting Sun Protection

Ruth & Isaac

Ruth and Isaac live in a slum in Lusaka, Zambia. Isaac (behind) is Ruth’s best friend. They play together, go to school together and he protects her when needed. Albino children in Africa are often targeted because witch doctors say their bodies can cure diseases.

This photo was awarded at Pia D’or, Prix de la Photografie Paris, International Photographer Of The Year and Shoot The Frame.

Ruth needs help

Ruth & Isaac are part of a school supported by Orange Babies. This is why I met Ruth during one of my trips for Orange Babies.

After I heard the story of Ruth, I really wanted to photograph her with her best friend Isaac, who protects her when needed.

Unfortunately, Ruth’s parents cannot provide her the sun protection she needs. And yes, she really needs it, you can already see some spots on her face that shouldn’t be there. The African sun is so intense, and without pigment, the chance of getting skin cancer is very very very high.

Making the choice

On my way back to Europe, I was thinking about Ruth and her situation. I really felt the need to help her, although I already had so much to do in my everyday life. But without doing anything, she would probably not grow old 🙁 So I am starting a campaign now and I hope you like to support!

I spoke to a specialist in UV products, and we can help her by providing her a protection package every year until she is an adult. This means sunscreen, special cloth washing fluid, sunglasses, hats, and custom made clothes. As a gift the company who is going to provide all this, they will make the clothes in her favorite colors! She going to love that! And as a second gift, Ruth is going to get some nail polish that changes color when she is exposed to too much sunlight. This is not only a nice gadget, but it really can help her reminding she is in the sun for a too long time.

What you get!

I made a beautiful printed photo card on size A5. Actually, I made 2, one for you and one to give away. To promote this campaign or just to give it away as a gift to friends or family. You can put it on your desk or put it in a frame. The original was auctioned for a lot of money, so hopefully, this will be also worth some money after a few decades. it is an investment! (Yeah I am trying to bribe you now 🙂 In exchange for this beautiful photo, you will make a donation of your choice. It is as simple as that! Are you going to help me helping Ruth?

Thank you so much.

A digital hug,

Adrian Kuipers

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This campaign has ended, you can see the final results here