I am selling my Hasselblad to be able to help children in Africa

After being a photographer for more than 15 years now, I worked with many camera brands, Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more, but there was one brand I always dreamed of having it one day; a Hasselblad. So I worked as hard as I can, I saved, and I saved to be able to buy it. 6 years ago my dream came true, I bought my first Hasselblad system; the H4D-40. I was like a three-year-old boy becoming his first train. Although it was a totally different experience and the system had a lot of downsides compared to the brands I was used to, I adapted and learned to use it. Why, because it is a heavy machine you are holding in your hand and it sounds like you are firing a cannon when you push the button. I didn’t only use the Hassy in my studio. No, I took it far, far away. From the deserts of Namibia, to the top of the mountains in Norway. After two years I upgraded, or downgraded, just how you like to call it, from the Hasselblad H4D-40 to a H3DII-50. A previous model with a higher resolution. We were in love, and we worked hard together, next to the other camera systems I also worked with.

Since ten years, I am traveling voluntarily to Africa to help charity organization Orange Babies with my photography. It started with documenting the projects, the progress they made in their battle against HIV. But it evolved in auctioning and selling my portraits as art. My portraits made over 125.000 Euros for the charity organization to give children in Africa a fair start in life. I saw the results for the last ten years with my own eyes. From sick and lifeless, to healthy children jumping around with a smile on their face. I am very proud I was able to capture this change. My goal is to raise another 125.000 Euros by doing exhibitions and by selling my new multimedia book; We Are Orange Babies, my lifework to help children in Africa. To be able to do this, I need to sell my big friend, my Hassy, unfortunately. With pain in my heart, but a satisfied soul, because it is the best cause I could ever think of.

If you are interested in buying my Hasselblad H3DII-50 set, you can contact me at adrian@adriankuipers.com.

The book is now on pre-sale for ‚ā¨ 54,95 to raise 125.000 Euros for children in need. You can see a preview here: https://adriankuipers.com/book you will not regret your help.

Thank you.


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