Now everybody can afford a portrait of Adrian Kuipers to support Orange Babies

Always wanted a We Are Orange Babies portrait, but couldn’t afford it? This now changes!¬†

I was lucky that my portraits were auctioned for tens of thousands of Euros in the past to support Orange Babies. Like the portrait of Sfundo, which was auctioned for 21.000 Euros during a gala for Orange Babies. Because of this all of the profits could go to the projects of the charity organization in Africa and we could help so many women and children that were in need of help.

During exhibitions, people told me many times. I love your portraits, but I am sorry I cannot afford them. Because of this and because of the reason that one of my goals is to spread the word of Orange Babies as fast as I can, I now present you the We Are Orange Babies Mini Editions!

The photo is framed in a black wooden frame and the size is about 13 x 18 cm. It is gift wrapped, so it is nice to have, but also perfect for giving it away as a gift. This is a win-win-win situation. Receiver happy, you happy, we happy.

The price is 39.95. Together we can make the world a better place!¬†‚úĆ

Big digital hug,
Adrian Kuipers

PS: You can also support by buying a digital desktop wallpaper at 9 Euro here.

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