The official PANDAMNED film score by Adrian Kuipers

(Official Press Release)

Last month Filmmaker Marijn Poels and co-producer Milosz Matuschek released the independent film PANDAMNED. A grasping 150 minutes documentary about how the world population has been led under the spell of the coronavirus.

Within one month the film was viewed more than half a million times on its Rumble account. Music composer Adrian Kuipers (1983), who produced the whole film score is now releasing his 16 tracks album ‘PANDAMNED’ on Bandcamp, Spotify and others including all titles.

Poels met Kuipers last year shortly before the release of his penultimate film HEADWIND where the composer offered to write the title-track of his new film. “Since we only had a few weeks before the release I challenged him to come up with something good, and he succeeded and that was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration and friendship”, says Poels.

Kuipers, who is working and living in rural Poland worked for a month on the score in PANDAMNED.

“After seeing the raw version of the film, I really felt the need to experiment with the different frequencies”, Adrian said. “So I composed parts in 432 Hz and parts in 440 Hz depending on whether the scene was about darkness or light. I guess this isn’t done before in any film, since the standard was set to 440 Hz in the 1930’s. This way I wanted to enhance the feel of the scene and add another dimension to it”.
On July 1st 2022 the album Pandamned was released at Spotify and other major streaming platforms. Kuipers offers fans to buy the album digitally in the highest quality as well.


More info about the film

The film PANDAMNED has released on May 10th on Rumble and attempted for the first time to paint the whole picture and shed light on the darkness. It has become a relentless stocktaking of our time, which global organizations, governments and big tech companies would have preferred to prevent.



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