Adrian Kuipers’ portrait was auctioned for a dazzling 21.000 Euros

I was always dazzled by the amounts of money that are paid for popular photography art. I think it is a great development, because photography now is seen as a real form of art and not only a form of registration. In my wildest dreams I never have thought that my work would also be auctioned for these amounts. (of course I hoped, but it didn’t happen yet in my dreams 🙂 ). A dream isn’t needed anymore, because it became reality! Whoohoo!

During a fundraising event for Orange Babies a special edition of my portrait Sfundo was auctioned for 21.000 Euros! Total amount went to Orange Babies.

I was also present at this auction and when the bids went up and up and up, so did my smile, till a moment the corners of my mouth where hanging over my ears of happiness. Luckily the auctioneer then dropped his hammer for the final bid.

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SFUNDO by Adrian Kuipers