Pre-order We Are Orange Babies coffee table book by Adrian Kuipers

After shooting 10 years in Africa for Orange Babies and working almost 1 year non-stop in building the book, I finally can announce that the I Am Orange Babies photobook is ready for pre-order! One month ago, I had the prototype in my hands, and now the book itself is almost done.

In 2018 I decided I needed to follow my dreams. I decided to dedicate my life almost fully in making the world a better place by using my talents. Starting with my I Am Orange Babies project.

Orange Babies already changed the lives of over 500.000 African children since the start in 1999. The I Am Orange Babies book covers the last 10 years of Orange Babies. It shows the faces and stories of women and children that are helped by the charity organization. It shows the changes that were able to achieve during that period thanks to everybody who supports the organization. By adding my film, music, and poetry to the photography, I take you on a journey into the heart of Africa, but also deep into my emotions which I experienced during my life changing visits.

It is a lot of work developing he book, editing the videos, writing the poetry, and recording the songs. The design and photography in the book are almost finished. For the multimedia, I visited Zambia and Namibia one more time last winter. Today I am editing all the mini-documentaries linked to the photography in the book.

Adrian Kuipers - I Am Orange Babies Book - Holding Prototype LR

This book doesn’t only looks nice on your coffee table, but it changes lives. If you pre-order a book, we can help children with healthcare, education and a healthy meals. Imagine what we can do if we sell a thousand books! So spread the word, post it on your social media. Tell about it to your friends, family. Maybe a good idea as Christmas presents at work?!

The price is 54.95 and will be delivered at your home beginning of October 2019. So please pre-order the book, talk about it with your friends and family and share it on your social media. Yes I know, I know 🙂 Thank you!

As a thank you gift for your pre-order, you will receive a digital wallpaper worth 9,- directly after your purchase in your mailbox and if you pre-order before the 11th of august 23:59h your name will be added in the book at the thank you page!


A warm digital hug,


A preview of the book

Below you will find a preview of the book through Issuu. Please note that buying through the below preview on Issuu will only get you a digital version of the book and not the hardcopy. To buy the hardcopy of the book click here!