Second Press Is There! And some other inspiration and updates

Hi, I am so happy that the pre-order funding of the second press was successful for the We Are Orange Babies book. Thank you everybody that pre-ordered the second press!

The good thing now is that we have books in stock. But I don’t want them in stock ūüôā Haha… There are still billions of people that didn’t see the book yet. And my goal is to inspire as many people as possible. Because together we can make the world a better place.

If you don’t own the book yet. Please have a look and order it here. If you already own the book and don’t know why should own 2 or more, I give you a few examples of people that ordered more:

  1. A woman in Holland is giving the book instead of flowers when she visits friends. She get’s many good reactions because of this.
  2. People and companies bought multiple books as a gift for their best customers and colleagues, for Christmas or other occasions. To support the We Are Orange Babies project, but also to inspire and to connect.

At last I wanted to say, that I am very grateful we are doing this together, we are not selling the books in regular stores, we didn’t use a publisher. And because of this we can maximum support Orange babies and their projects in Africa. Today it is more needed than ever. Thank you!

Big hug,


PS: Our system updated. So it can be that you received an email with a password. With this password and your email address it is now easier to do an order on the site. Thanks!


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