Stream For Food now available at Spotify and other streaming platforms!

Yes, it is there! You can now generate money for food by listening to the music Papa Namibia for free. Click on the image to open the playlist on Spotify! It is an 8 hour playlist, so you can stop hunger while you sleep! 🙏😍

About Stream For Food:

Adrian: “Seeing Papa Namibia and his son in hunger felt so unfair. I had to find a creative solution, and I found one! I recorded his music, uploaded it to streaming platforms and now every play creates money for food. Together we can help them, stream as much as you can!”

Papa Namibia is the first artist of the Stream For Food project. I really, really want to help him and his son Inovimbwa, to have at least enough food. So I recorded a full album with the man. I wanted to record a few songs, but he was unstoppable. The only moment he stopped was when his string broke down and he had to stop. it was amazing.

Stream the full playlist on Youtube as much as you can to generate money for Papa Namibia and his son: Click here to Stream For Food on Youtube

Subscribe to the Youtube channel to support: Click here to subscribe to the Stream For Food channel

I trust you on streaming the music, so you are now allowed to get your free thank you gift here 💪😍👍. Together we can make the world a better place!

Big hug,

Adrian Kuipers

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