The idea of Stream For Food was born during my We Are Orange Babies project, while seeing a very talented Namibian artist, so much to give to the world, but not able to feed his own children. So I came up with the plan to record his music, put it on the streaming platforms and earn a tiny little bit with every stream. But in my dreams, the whole world is streaming his music, and so much money is made, that not only his children have enough food, but we can even feed the whole community. My second dream is about finding more talented artists in places where hunger is a big problem and children are suffering, so we can help them too. Because every child deserves a fair start in life.

The good thing about this project, is that people don’t have to give money or buy anything, they just have to press play, and when many people do this, we can fill empty stomachs and give many children a future.

Together we can make the world a better place!

A huge digital hug¬†ūüôŹ


I am finishing the videos and final audio tracks of Papa Namibia (our first artist). It is already more than 2 hours of video and music. After this I will upload it to the streaming platforms and the project will start. till the launch, please buy a bread for Papa Namibia: