Here are some ideas on how you can be the next part of the chain:


1) Buy a photo or book

Purchasing a limited edition photo is the best way to support, but buying a book or a mini edition (E39,95) is also great!! Please check out the photos and choose an edition to see an example.

Choose a photo

2) Become a supporter so I can put more time into the projects

With a monthly subscription or a one time donation you can make the world a better place because I can do less commercial work and concentrate more on my projects for a better world! I already changed my life drastically to be able to do these projects, but still I need to buy some food sometimes for me and my family ūüôā You as a supporter will help me so much!!! Thank you. Click the button below for more information.

Become a supporter

3) Place a message on your own social media

Start a chainge  by posting a message like this example on your own social media:

Hi! Check out the website of Adrian Kuipers. He is making a chain’ge’ by using his talents for a better world. It inspires me, I hope it will inspire you too, together we can make the world a better place! check out”

4) Check out the Orange Babies website. 

If you are eager to help children in Africa, but you want to support them in a different way than buying a photo print, it is also possible to make a difference in many other ways, like cycling tours, or buying shoes or other fashion items.

Click here for the English Orange Babies page or here for the Dutch Orange Babies page.

Adrian Kuipers - Silence Inside - Medium Resolution

5) Start a chainge yourself

With the things I do, one of my goals is to inspire. Great if people support the Orange Babies projects, but it is even greater if they start their own chain. Because I believe that if everyone is doing a little more for another, the world will totally look different. So please sit one minute, think about your talents, and think about how you can make a positive change in the world by using these. Maybe this will be helping elderly people in the village for example, or a lonely neighbor. Small steps, small steps. I also just started with one trip to Africa, and look how it developed. Step by step, day by day, side by side. ūüß°¬†