“Together we can make the world a better place” is what I truly believe. I traveled for 10 years voluntarily to Africa to portrait children helped by charity organization Orange Babies in their battle against HIV. Every time I go there, I see it with my own eyes: The difference! From skinny and sad children at the start, into happy and full of life one year later. That makes me so intensely happy. Being part of something that gives thousands of children a fair start in life, a future! Every child that dies today of HIV is one too much because it isn’t needed anymore. With simple healthcare and a good meal every day you can grow very, very old with it. In the West, this isn’t a problem at all, you go to the doctor, and you get your meds. But in parts of Africa, organizations like Orange Babies are making the difference between life and death.

I tried to capture the stories and emotions through my lens, with my poetry, my films, and my music. I put my whole heart and soul into this project. My responsibility in life to show you this. My goal is to raise € 250.000,- for Orange Babies with my photography. Let’s give a fair start in life to as many children as we can. Together we can do this. Buy a portrait, a digital wallpaper, a photo book, or be a supporter.

A huge digital hug 🙏


€195.000,- of €250.000,-

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